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This searchable library is a curated collection of resources to help families fuel a culture of generosity at every age and stage.

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Giving for every season

Earth Day Activities

Give back as a family today! Scroll through these easy ideas and check out our resource library for more.


Recycle Roundup

National Geographic

Learn about the difference between recycling, compost, and trash with this interactive online game.


Chapter Books to Inspire Young Environmental Advocates

Doing Good Together

Start a conversation about environmental advocacy and the everyday behaviors we can take to help our Earth with the recommendations from this reading list.


Good Neighbors Care for the Earth

Sesame Workshop

We can all help to protect our planet! In this video, learn how being a good neighbor means caring about the plants and animals around us, too.

Project Guides

Project-in-a-Box: I Dream of Green

Roots & Shoots: An Initiative of the Jane Goodall Institute

Green spaces benefit everyone! Use this guide to figure out what type of green space you might be able to create for your community. It includes in-depth instructions, inspirational mini-stories, outreach templates, and more.

Project Guides

Free Trees for Kids

Neighborhood Forest

Taking care of the environment is important. Ready to take action? This giving project guide is great for all ages!


Earth Day! Coloring Page

PBS Kids

Print this coloring page for a fun Earth Day activity.


Nature’s Notebook

National Phenology Network

Observing the natural world around you can make a difference. Take note of the plants and animals in your local ecosystem and document their changes through the online Nature’s Notebook.


Arthur’s Podcast: Speak Up, Francine

PBS Kids

Listen to Francine use her voice to advocate for the environment on Earth Day. This fun podcast follows Francine as she discovers a polluted creek, becomes inspired to solve a problem, and overcomes her fear of public speaking to help the environment and her community.

Project Guides

How to Start a Tuesdays for Trash Movement Chapter

Tuesdays for Trash, a GivingTuesday Community

This step-by-step resource shares instructions for joining a movement with friends, family, and community to pick up trash and help take care of the environment.


Funny Fill-In: Dreaming Green

National Geographic

Celebrate Earth Day with this fill-in-the-blank story making activity.