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We’ve curated age-appropriate content for youth ages 3-18, including videos, printable activities, games, giving project ideas, and interactive apps.


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Philanthropy Glossary

Give As We Grow

We’ve compiled a list of philanthropy-related terms used throughout the Give As We Grow® curriculum, website, and app-based game.


Philanthropy Curriculum

Give As We Grow

Developed by educators, this curriculum is the basis of our app-based game. Children will explore generosity, how to identify needs, and the ways they can share time, treasures, talent, and ties.


Philanthropy Curriculum: Conversation Prompts & Practice Activities

Give As We Grow

These prompts and activities are from Give As We Grow®’s philanthropy curriculum. This document can be used as a quick reference guide for starting conversations throughout your giving journey.


GivingTuesdaySpark Youth Participation Guide


This guide can help young people plan and implement Giving Projects related to any cause area. It covers everything from brainstorming to community outreach.


Kids Are Philanthropists, Too!

The Giving Square

This podcast, hosted by the founder of The Giving Square, puts children’s perspectives in the spotlight. Together, kids and adults discuss a variety of social issues and ways that we can help others.


Connecting Skills and Interests to Community Needs

Learning to Give

Use your interests and talents to help your community. This video and discussion guide will show you how to connect your passions with community needs.


Did you know? Water and Sanitation Facts

Paper for Water

How many people don’t have access to clean water? What are the impacts of not having access to clean water and plumbing? This resource provides quick facts about water usage, need, and conservation.

Project Guides

Lead a fundraiser or book drive

Reading Partners

Want to support early childhood literacy? Collect books or fundraise for Reading Partners! This link offers a step-by-step guide, tips, and printable posters to help your book drive be a success.

Project Guides

The Family Tookit

Roots & Shoots: An Initiative of the Jane Goodall Institute

Get inspired and give together as a family! This toolkit will walk you through the entire Giving Project process form identifying an issue that you feel inspired to solve to celebrating your hard work.


Booklist: Stories on Environmentalism and Sustainability

Reading Partners

This set of book recommendations shares stories that help kids build awareness of the environment, sustainability, and the actions they can take to support the Earth.