Resources for Adults

To support parents in cultivating a spirit of generosity, we have curated best-in-class resources for adults. Conversations between parents and children play a significant role in developing generous citizens.


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The Transformative Power of Shared Moments


This article explains how sharing your Giving Story can amplify philanthropic impact. Sharing acts of generosity can inspire others to participate, raise awareness about an issue, and build community.


Generations Together: Engaging Youth

National Center for Family Philanthropy

This digital resource collects tools, games, videos and activities to help families engage kids of all ages in conversations about philanthropy.

Discussion Guides

Spark a Giving Conversation

Learning to Give

This guide provides conversation starters to help families discuss different elements of kindness, generosity, community, and inclusion.


Eliciting Altruism

Greater Good Science Center

This article shares three strategies for cultivating kindness, from finding ways to connect with others to identifying with people who might seem different from you.


Why Youth Philanthropy Matters

The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy

Youth philanthropy programs build leadership and connect young people with their communities. Learn more about their benefits with this resource.


Raising Grateful Kids: How to help kids show (and feel) appreciation

Child Mind Institute

In this article, learn 10 key steps for helping kids develop gratitude – from setting a good example to getting involved and giving back as a family.


Generosity: The Missing Piece of Money Literacy

Doing Good Together

Learn how generosity is a crucial part of developing financial literacy – and how you can share the importance of giving with your family.


Raising Philanthropic Children

Learning to Give

This online course teaches adults how they can introduce ideas about philanthropy to children of all ages.


Inspire Everyday Acts of Caring with Family Routines

Making Caring Common

This article offers ideas for how to build philanthropy and caring conversations into your daily life, from mealtime to car ride conversations.


Successful Generations Podcast: Raising Kids with Generous Genes

National Center for Family Philanthropy

This podcast discusses the book Generous Genes: Raising Caring Children in a Digital Age and the role that parents play in teaching their children to be generous.