Our Vision

What is Give as We Grow®?

We envision a world where all children engage in giving back and are equipped to reach their full potential as changemakers. 

Mission statement

Give As We Grow® engages elementary-aged children in learning the principles of generosity, inspiring action in their communities, and connecting their passions to philanthropic impact.

What we do

About Give As We Grow®

Give As We Grow® is designed to inspire, educate, and track philanthropic activity from as early as age three up to adulthood, utilizing an innovative digital platform comprising of a play-based learning application, an activity tracking feature, and a comprehensive collection of resources. 

Families and children can find a variety of content including games, educational videos, and how-tos to foster generosity in everyone from toddlers to teens. Users set up an account and create giving profiles for each family member in the app, recording individual donations and volunteer hours so you can see your generosity journey unfold! 

From content for the youngest of philanthropists to parenting advice from experts in the field, there is something for every age and stage at Give As We Grow®.

Our App

Explore, Play & Learn

Through virtual world exploration and minigames, elementary-aged players discover the world of philanthropy – the causes they’re passionate about and find new ways to give.

Our Giving Journal

Take & Track Action

Within the app, children can also track their real-world acts of giving, earn points, and see their impact over time in the Give As We Grow® Giving Journal. Parents have access to a password protected family dashboard which displays giving entries, gameplay stats, and highlights such as their child’s top giving interests.

Our Website

To help continue the conversation at home and take action offline, we’ve curated a collection of resources for all ages.


Under the Resource Library tab, you’ll find a searchable collection of resources such as activities, book lists, stories about real kids giving back, podcasts, and service project plans. For adults, we’ve included additional materials such as guides for discussing your family’s values and generosity with children. 

Opportunities to Give Back

Under the Give Back tab, we’ve collected online tools for finding giving opportunities near you. This includes tools for locating volunteer opportunities, identifying reputable organizations, and using your connections and talents to support a cause.

The 4 T’s of Philanthropy

Philanthropy, taking action that benefits others, can take many forms. When discussing ways to give, we use the 4 T’s framework.

You can help others by giving your…


Serving others is a valuable, gratifying use of time. You can give your time through volunteering hours towards helping others or supporting a charitable organization.


We each have natural talents and cultivated skills or expertise which can be used to help others. People can donate their skills towards community development or nonprofits.


Donating money or personal items can be an impactful way to help others. You might also use your time, talents, and ties to generate treasures for others. 


Make an impact together! Nurturing community, speaking to friends and family, and drawing from your network to connect the right people are all effective ways to support a cause.

Utilize our curriculum to learn how to continue the conversation at home, and explore how your family can use the 4 T’s to keep giving and growing.

Giving for every season

Earth Day Activities

Give back as a family today! Scroll through these easy ideas and check out our resource library for more.


Recycle Roundup

National Geographic

Learn about the difference between recycling, compost, and trash with this interactive online game.


Chapter Books to Inspire Young Environmental Advocates

Doing Good Together

Start a conversation about environmental advocacy and the everyday behaviors we can take to help our Earth with the recommendations from this reading list.


Good Neighbors Care for the Earth

Sesame Workshop

We can all help to protect our planet! In this video, learn how being a good neighbor means caring about the plants and animals around us, too.

Project Guides

Project-in-a-Box: I Dream of Green

Roots & Shoots: An Initiative of the Jane Goodall Institute

Green spaces benefit everyone! Use this guide to figure out what type of green space you might be able to create for your community. It includes in-depth instructions, inspirational mini-stories, outreach templates, and more.

Project Guides

Free Trees for Kids

Neighborhood Forest

Taking care of the environment is important. Ready to take action? This giving project guide is great for all ages!


Earth Day! Coloring Page

PBS Kids

Print this coloring page for a fun Earth Day activity.


Nature’s Notebook

National Phenology Network

Observing the natural world around you can make a difference. Take note of the plants and animals in your local ecosystem and document their changes through the online Nature’s Notebook.


Arthur’s Podcast: Speak Up, Francine

PBS Kids

Listen to Francine use her voice to advocate for the environment on Earth Day. This fun podcast follows Francine as she discovers a polluted creek, becomes inspired to solve a problem, and overcomes her fear of public speaking to help the environment and her community.

Project Guides

How to Start a Tuesdays for Trash Movement Chapter

Tuesdays for Trash, a GivingTuesday Community

This step-by-step resource shares instructions for joining a movement with friends, family, and community to pick up trash and help take care of the environment.


Funny Fill-In: Dreaming Green

National Geographic

Celebrate Earth Day with this fill-in-the-blank story making activity.