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Give As We Grow

Give As We Grow® is a digital platform educating the next generation about giving and philanthropic action. Do you want to make a difference?

Think time, treasure, talent, and ties.


A first-of-its-kind, free educational mobile app that teaches kids to tap into their unique talents and interests to help others.

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Giving Journal

A tool for families to track their in-game and real-world acts of giving, so they can see their impact over time.

Resource Library

A curated collection of resources to help families fuel a culture of generosity at every age and stage.

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Nurture your child’s generosity and desire to help others! Check out the Give As We Grow® game, available on Android and IOS.

Activities and Resources for Raising Generous Kids

About Give As We Grow®

For families cultivating a culture of generosity and service, you can’t start too young. Give as We Grow® is your family’s destination for philanthropic education and generosity tracking, with age-appropriate content for children of all ages in the resource library. Grounded in research and developed to respond to an identified need for families, the play-based learning game currently serves child users in the upper-elementary age range. 

Identifying passions and seeing progression over time helps intentional parents foster their children’s interests and prepare them for lives of purpose. Throughout their journey, children who track their giving and experiences through this platform can see themes emerge from their own giving history. Our resources and offerings are designed to equip parents and encourage children to give where they go, and give as they grow.

Giving for every season

Valentines Activities

Give back as a family today! Scroll through these easy ideas and check out our resource library for more.


Take Valentine’s Day To Heart

Doing Good Together

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these 9 ideas for sharing love and kindness with your community.


Sidewalks of Love: Brightening Daily Walks with #LoveNotes


Learn how to spread messages of kindness in your community through creative sidewalk art in this giving project guide.


Acts of Caring

Making Caring Common

Small acts of kindness can make a big impact. The printable worksheet offers ideas for ways to show you care in different settings. It’s great for school age children (grades K-5th).


Students Turn Valentine’s Day into an Annual “Kindness Day” of Service

Doing Good Together

In this giving story, learn how one elementary school came together on Valentine’s Day to share kindness and serve local nonprofits through community service activities.


Spread the Love

Points of Light

With this at-home activity, share care and comfort with those in need by making fleece blankets.


Messages of Kindness

Points of Light

Encourage a chain of kindness by translating your thoughtful intentions onto paper and displaying them in your window, offering a visual reminder for others to be kind and potentially inspiring a ripple effect of goodwill!

Project Guides

Valentine Kindness Challenge

Doing Good Together

Spread kindness throughout the month of February with this printable list of generous, empathetic actions – one for every day of the month!


The Great Kindness Challenge

Kids for Peace

Take on the Great Kindness Challenge as a family! Download this checklist for ideas on how you as a family can work to build a more compassionate world.


Picture Books to Celebrate Love and Generosity

Doing Good Together

Get inspired to spread kindness and compassion throughout your community with this list of books.

What they’re saying


Give Is As We Grow is awesome! It’s just fun – there is no other way to describe it. I love earning heart points to make my garden better.

Annabel K.

(player, age 8)

Giving is rooted in empathy, compassion, understanding of humanity, and sharing between people. We are excited to give the next generation of givers tangible, easy, and fun tools like Give As We Grow to spark radical generosity.

Celeste Flores

Director, U.S. + Canada Hub, GivingTuesday

Particularly for younger kids, in-person volunteering may be impossible because of the types of activities and potential risks that nonprofits can’t take on. The virtual environment of Give As We Grow sets kids on a path to generosity before they are able to do in-person service.

Diana Heath

Chief Operating Officer, NCFP

Collection is innate in kids, which creates a natural opportunity to teach kids financial literacy—about spending, saving, and sharing—early. It’s important for kids to know that not everything that comes to them should stay with them; that it’s important to share.

Elizabeth Phillips

Executive Director, Phillips Foundation

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