Research-Backed Design

Research shows that children spend four to seven hours a day on screens. Yet, of hundreds of thousands of educational apps, fewer than one percent are focused on generosity. Grounded in research and best practice, Give As We Grow® provides an opportunity for children to learn empathy and cultivate giving behaviors, while ensuring that they have fun, play, and discover in a safe, positive, and self-led environment.

Our methods

We meet kids where they are, utilizing technology and engaging gameplay.

Asset-based approach

Players begin by completing a self-assessment to identify their unique passions and interests related to generosity. Results deliver an asset-based approach and shape their game experience for better understanding. After that, they transition into a journey focused on learning about the needs of others.

About our curriculum

Our curriculum was developed utilizing best-practice frameworks and methodology, with the following outcomes:

  • Children understand and can engage with generosity and caring for others.
  • Children are inspired to “do good for good’s sake.”
  • Children adopt that intrinsic motivation early in life, leading to more generous action over time and fulfillment.