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We’ve curated age-appropriate content for youth ages 3-18, including videos, printable activities, games, giving project ideas, and interactive apps.


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Project Guides

Sew a Pillowcase

Ryan’s Case for Smiles

Help brighten the day of kids experiencing serious illnesses by making and donating colorful pillowcases.

Project Guides

Use Your Creativity for Good: ‘Pull up a Chair’ Charity Event


Take inspiration from this Giving Story, which shares how a community in Canada hosted a creative fundraising auction using used chairs.

Project Guides

Share Stories of Generosity and Inspire Others


In this Giving Story, read how a community storytelling event inspired others towards kindness and generosity.

Project Guides

How To Organize A Virtual Rally or Event


This toolkit explains how to organize a virtual rally or livestream event to engage supporters and raise awareness. It covers speaker selection, technology, safety precautions, fundraising, inclusivity, building a website, and post-event recommendations.


Join this year’s challenge! Art for Philanthropy

Students Rebuild

Get involved with a Student Rebuild Challenge, an opportunity for young people to make both art and change through creative projects that emphasize learning and global citizenship.


An Artistic Way to Share the Shore

National Audubon Society

Learn how signs made by kids can help spread the word on how to protect birds nesting at the beach.


Reach Out to Refugees

Points of Light

Support refugees in your community and neighboring areas by facilitating their resettlement through collecting and distributing supplies such as gently used books, clothing, or household items to assist in their transition.

Project Guides

Service Sparks: Boost Happiness with Art

Learning to Give

This service project helps kids spread kindness by encouraging them to first identify the things that make their friends, family, and neighbors happy, then use that information to creative positive window or sidewalk art.

Project Guides

Advocate for Animals

Doing Good Together

Learn how to use art as a form of advocacy in this giving project, which provides a guide for illustrating a letter about endangered species for your local representatives.

Project Guides

Create Pet Toys

Doing Good Together

Inspire the animal lover in your family to do good with this how-to guide to building pet toys for animals in need.